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Cross-border M&A refers to M&A transactions executed across national borders. One of the parties to the M&A transaction (seller or buyer) becomes a foreign company and utilizes corporate assets to enter new businesses, penetrate new markets, and develop new products. Strike provides consultation that leads to direct global partnerships to enhance corporate synergies to stabilize management, expand business, and reduce costs.

An Effective Strategy for Global Expansion

An Effective Strategy for Global Expansion

Strike has a proven track record in M&A transactions. One of our key strengths is that we have over 17,000 acquisition needs listed, based on detailed interviews with buyers about their ideal acquisition targets' type, size, and location. With extensive experience in every aspect of M&A—from matching companies to negotiating terms and preparing documentation—our team of professionals provides comprehensive, one-stop support for cross-border M&A.

Types of Cross-border M&A Transactions

Type Explanation
Inbound A transaction in which a foreign company merges with or acquires a domestic company
Outbound A transaction in which a domestic company purchases or merges with one in another country
Domestic A transaction between companies in the same country

Strike supports not only M&A between domestic companies, but also Inbound M&A, in which an overseas company acquires a domestic company, and Outbound M&A, in which a domestic company acquires an overseas company.

In selecting and matching potential M&A targets, we utilize our global network we have built over the years. For Japanese clients, Strike acts as a liaison between the client and the counterparty company, providing all needed information in Japanese. If you do not have a foreign language speaker, our advisors will provide full support.

Our Three Strengths

Established a Dedicated Team to Support Cross-border M&A Transactions

Over 25 Years of Building Trust and Delivering Results

Since our establishment in 1997, we have consistently delivered outstanding results as an M&A brokerage specialist, earning the trust and confidence of our clients through our extensive experience and proven track record.

A Dedicated Team to Support Cross-border M&A

We have established a dedicated cross-border M&A team, and our experienced consultants are capable of handling a wide variety of start-up M&A schemes.

Wide-selection of Buyers and Sellers

With more than 200 M&A consultants actively supporting clients, we have over 17,000 acquisition needs to assist in a value-maximizing transaction for all global companies.


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