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Storm Research Team Coverage

This analysis was prepared based on material that was available at the time of writing. Therefore, please note that there may be other analyses which have not been included, and that some of the information may not be in its most current state.

Please note that the analyst has conducted its own analysis of the Company's performance and businesses, and has developed its own forecasts. These processes do not in any way involve the Company or the management of the Company.

Furthermore, the management of Strike Co., Ltd., does not endorse or concur with the forecasts, opinions and recommendations of this analysis. Thus, we cannot take any responsibility regarding the consistency of such information.

The provision of this is explicitly for the purpose of introducing analyses and forecasts of our corporate performance from external companies or research-related institutions. It is not for the purpose of soliciting sales of the Company's stock.

Please note that decisions regarding the purchase of shares are solely at the discretion of the investors themselves.